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Spirit of intrigue

We are whiskymakers for whisky people.

Spirit of Intrigue runs through our DNA. It is at the heart of the whiskies we imagine and create. And it is the common ground where we come together with the people who share our enthusiasm and curiosity.

We’re here to make whiskies that appeal to those who love Scotch as truly, deeply and proudly as we do. We strive to see beyond the obvious, always choosing the road less travelled. There are no maps and it is as much about the journey as the destination.

Respect for the past,
focus on the future

We are whiskymakers through and through, driven by a deep respect for the process and craft of whisky-making, its heritage and its future. Much as the past is our foundation, we refuse to be bound by it as we devise a new breed of classic whiskies and nurture the next generation of whiskymakers.

The Mossburn way -
setting our benchmarks

We are our own harshest critics, continually striving to further evolve and improve the high standards we set ourselves. This underpins everything we do – digging deeper to exceed expectations with more than just another whisky. So when someone takes a bottle of our Scotch from the shelf, we want them to be excited, intrigued and rewarded.

Measured provocation

Driven by our Spirit of Intrigue, we continually seek opportunities to create something different and compelling for everyone involved, every expression we produce must be worthy of your time and rewarding of your curiosity. We don’t believe in new for the sake of newness, but everything we do must bring something to the table, must enrich the world of whisky, making the most of the past and present to shape the future.

Full-circle approach

Our field of activity comprises three broad facets. We have been independent whiskymakers and blenders for some time, nurturing expertise and skills in blending, and assembling a range of mature Single Malt stocks. Informed by this background, we are also distillers, creating and maturing our own unique expressions. And we are distillery-builders, choosing locations with fascinating back stories and characterful surroundings, rather than for convenience or efficiency. These three facets are wholly complementary and make up what we would call an accomplished whiskymaker.

Integrity runs deep

We are committed to doing things properly, and tenacious in achieving the results we seek. This restless pursuit means our whiskies must stand up to scrutiny from people who know whisky.

A brief history

Where it all started

We are a young company, but our roots run deep. The first bottling under the Mossburn name was released in 2017 as a range of classic Independent Bottler Malts. In the nearly three decades prior, the team developed and honed its skills in blending and bottling whiskies and a variety of other spirits. Their combined experience spans generations, with over a century of continuous family history in the Scotch Whisky industry.

As we move into the next era of our development, we will add our own exceptional Single Malt Scotch Whiskies created in distilleries we’ve built ourselves.


The Distillery At Torabhaig

On the Isle of Skye. In operation since January 2017, the distillery is our first fully operational producer of Single Malt Scotch Whisky and only the second ever legal distillery on the island. Torabhaig produces an extremely characterful, peated new-make spirit, which is currently maturing in a variety of casks.

Reivers Distillery

Our second distillery is located in the heart of the Scottish Borders. Designed to be much more innovative and experimental, Reivers will produce its first Single Grain Scotch Whiskies in 2020. Torabhaig and Reivers are poles apart, sitting at opposite ends of the whisky-making spectrum. But they are united in a common goal: to make something new, noteworthy and bring something unique to the table.

Mossburn ventures

Mossburn Distillers is a young company with a growing whisky brand portfolio. As we create new expressions, build new distilleries and bring on the next generation of whiskymakers, we will stay true to our guiding principles, while strengthening our whisky-making credentials.

For a deeper understanding of what we do and where we are headed, please explore our individual brand pages.

Our distilleries

The Distillery At Torabhaig

The Reivers Distillery

Independent whiskies

Mossburn Distillers & Blenders

Our People

Neil Macleod Mathieson

Neil has become a respected figure with almost four decades in the spirits business under his belt. Founding Eaux De Vie Ltd in his 20s, he built a successful business specialising in importing spirits of interest for the more discerning customer. He predicted and pioneered the current global ‘craft’ trend and was the first in the UK to seek out and import a portfolio of US craft whiskies. The company soon grew into an independent bottler, releasing its first Scotch Whiskies in 1992. As a key member of the Mossburn team, Neil has been instrumental in achieving the company’s ambition of building an authentic Single Malt Scotch Whisky distillery in one of Scotland’s most dramatic locations.

The team at Torabhaig

At Torabhaig we took the slightly unusual step of putting together two very different teams of people. The first was a vastly experienced group of consultants and industry veterans who between them measured more than 200 years of whisky making experience, the second a team of apprentices. We saw it as our duty that we pass on the heritage and craft and contribute to shaping the next generation of whisky makers. So to staff our distillery we looked for people new to the industry, who are now working as an accomplished and passionate team of brewer-distillers.

The Reivers

The Reivers Distillery is our innovation centre where we have distillery, ageing and finishing warehouse, bottling lines and laboratory on the same site. Here we again chose to mix new blood with experience, calling on industry veterans to work alongside our new team as we look to expand our technical expertise, innovate and challenge convention, all in the spirit of the Reivers.