The new Single Malt
from the Isle of Skye

Torabhaig is a new distillery built along traditional lines, an extraordinary place where heritage meets progress. From the way we have seamlessly fused a contemporary distillery into a historic rugged building which we first brought back to life over a 4-year restoration, to our decision to ferment in wooden washbacks and run a very hands-on operation, at Torabhaig we have always put authenticity and character ahead of convenience.

Torabhaig has been a fully operational Single Malt Scotch Whisky distillery since January 2017. It is the first distillery to be built on Skye in 190 years and only the second legal distillery to operate on the island.

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A whisky shaped by Skye but made by Torabhaig

Perhaps more than any other product, Single Malt Scotch Whisky is inextricably linked to its place of origin. Torabhaig is no exception. Water, land and weather all play a part in creating the character of a whisky. The construction and layout of the original steading buildings were dictated by many of the same factors including the climate, the landscape and available materials. Centuries later, the buildings influenced the choice of equipment we installed.

Skye continues to shape the whisky we make at Torabhaig, from the two burns that feed it with the purest island spring water to the willful climate that governs the rhythms of the distillery. Torabhaig is a Skye whisky through and through, but it is also unmistakably our Skye whisky, as complex and compelling as its land of origin.

Building legacy

Taking on a stunningly beautiful and dramatic site like Torabhaig comes with a sense of responsibility and an obligation to do it justice. It was never enough to just make another whisky. We have sought to uncover the true expression of Torabhaig, and in doing so developed our own distinctive character that is fast evolving into a distinctive signature style. We call this unique Torabhaig flavour profile ‘Well-Tempered Peat’. Our ambition with Torabhaig Single Malt is to change the course of whisky-making on Skye by injecting diversity, vitality and a distinctive character. We envisage a bright and exciting future for whisky on this rugged and beautiful island.

A distillery in the
spirit of the Reivers

We chose to establish our second distillery – the new Reivers Distillery – in the Scottish Borders region, south of Edinburgh. It is only the second active whisky distillery to be opened in the area in 150 years. This beautiful rural area belies its storied and eventful past. With many ruined castles, abbeys and towns to be found across the hills that rise above the flood plains of the River Tweed, it is the unexpected home of the rebel spirit of the Reivers that survives to this day.

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A non-conformist approach

The distillery is named for the Border Reivers – lawless bands of raiders and marauders organised by families loyal only to their own kin, with no allegiance to either the English or the Scottish crown. They ruled the English and Scottish borders between the 13th and 17th Centuries, following a proud ethos to ‘steal with pride’. Their reputation is firmly established at the heart of the folklore of the region.

In a nod to the Reivers’ rebellious ways, the whiskies we intend to develop at the distillery will be experimental in nature. Each will be released as small batches and our distillers will work to evolve and develop ever-more intriguing expressions over time.

Scotch Malt Whiskies

Understanding and enjoying whisky is a calling that lasts a lifetime. Crafted with care to the highest standards, all our whiskies must meet our benchmark of ‘accomplished’ before we consider them worthy of release. This means our whiskies arrive in your glass fully formed and well-rounded, ready to explore and enjoy. This range of balanced and complex whiskies takes you on a journey of discovery that underscores the respect and depth of knowledge that goes into each one.

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Masterfully blended

Our blenders select unique batches from exceptional distilleries and masterfully blend woods and malts to express the best from all regions, showcasing the versatility each whisky offers.

Our Signature Casks Series reveals the unique characteristics of Scotland’s whisky-making regions. Each expression is assembled exclusively from Single Malt Scotch Whiskies from a single region.

Custom hybrid casks

After blending these malts are further enhanced by secondary maturation in our proprietary hybrid casks. This increases depth and complexity, emphasising regional characteristics with the addition of our unique signature.

“Our benchmark is ‘accomplished’ – nothing less is acceptable to us or the discerning whisky people who explore these expressions with us.”

Single vintage whiskies

The Vintage Casks Series is an exclusive range of single vintage whiskies. Chosen for small batch release, they offer exceptional examples of accomplished Single Malt Scotch Whisky. Our Master Blender selects casks from the most respected distilleries across Scotland, which are laid down in our warehouse. These are then bottled with minimal intervention for the truest expression of the spirit in strictly limited one-off releases.

An authentic voice from the Hebrides

The ruins of Caisteal Chamuis, also known as Knock Castle or Castle Camus, lie on the headland on the eastern flank of Knock Bay on the Isle of Skye, in sight of the grounds of The Distillery At Torabhaig. The stone to build the steading that would in turn become Torabhaig were originally taken from the by then derelict castle.

This classic Island style Blended Malt Whisky is a tribute to Hebridean life and lore, and reminds us of a time of peat fires, lively company, and bold spirits. It is a characterful whisky, carefully blended and double barrelled in Mossburn casks to balance the heavy island peat – accessible for those curious to explore the Island style.